It's been a lazy week. I've been watching some of my most favourites movies lately, one of which is definitely The Imitation Game. It just hit me, how does Enigma work and how difficult or easy would it be to crack the encryption with our modern machines.

I searched on youtube about how did Enigma worked, as you do when you are procrastinating. And it came up with this video.

Germans sure did went ham on creating the perfect encryption machine for the time. After understanding a bit of enigma, I believe we could break enigma by sheer brute force or by using some kind of Machine Learning.

On researching if and how we can crack Enigma, I came across this blog on digital ocean. I have yet to complete reading it. But the TLDR is a team, in 2017, cracked Enigma using 2000 Digital Ocean droplets in under 13 minutes using AI. 🤯

The power of modern computers and conveniences that it brings is something we take for granted these days. The things we can do on or pocket devices would blow Alan Turing's mind. The father of modern computers would be proud!

I will update this post when I have read the complete post and done a bit more research. Until then,  ✌️.