Digital detox is the act in which a person refrains or reduces the time spent on a digital device. Simple! This should refresh your mind and give you time to spend with your loved ones and do something productive like reading books or learn new skills and find a new hobby. With portable and powerful devices these days, there is less time spent with family. One could argue that with phones and tablets the people closer to you are going far and people farther from you are coming close, it goes both ways. You may want to take a break from your digital life when you are on family vacations or before some exams,i get it that smartphones can be very useful during an exam but it cause distraction which is not worth the trade before an exam. Studies have also shown that if you reduce your smartphone usage, you get a better grade on your exam, it also reduces eye strain and also gives a better good night sleep. when you are traveling you may want to spend time with your kids and parents, digital device will always be meant during your vacation. So now if i have convinced you to why you may need a break from smartphone or i may call it Digital Detox here is how to do it :

  1. Make your smartphone dumb

          You may be thinking what do i mean from making your smartphone dumb, there are two ways though it first the freeway and other may require some investment.

  • The free way, this is targetted for those 90% people in the world using android because apple doesn’t allow customization ALAS! There is an app called Thrive on play store(not sponsored) which is completely free. Disclaimer: during my testing period this app was under development and it was available for early access so the performance was not the greatest but this was one of its kind apps so i still recommend this. Okay now a little app summary: when you give all the permission it needs it will allow you to set up how much time you want to spend on an app like youtube or Instagram, and if you went over the time limit you will be annoyed be a continuous pop up by thrive to close the social media app. There is also a third mode in which it will block all calls unless the caller called you twice under a certain time period. This would be a great option but and will allow you to stay connected to the world also. If you think you don’t have the willpower to control yourself the other method will be more extreme but you will be disconnected to the social world.
  • Buy a feature phone like Nokia 3310 or other like the jio phone it would be a great help if you switch your number from smartphone to it. This would save the time you spent scrolling through your social media feed. This method will save you time but may still be a pain if you get lots of calls.

2. Stay light

This means don’t carry the gadgets you don’t need to use or trying to avoid.


  1. Reward yourself

This ties with the first point and you choose to go the third way. Mark the days you stayed below your daily limit and reward whenever you go through 10 or 15 days within the limit.


  1. Take on new hobbies

Once you will be off your smartphone for a while you will have ample of time and you can do some of the stuff you loved you wanted to do. This will help you stop thinking about your social life on the net and going back to your usual routine.


  1. Do it

 You cant achieve anything until you start doing it from today and now ( a general life lesson) so my advice is to stop searching and start doing


  1. We are humans

If you are unable to complete your goals, don’t worry if you have set achievable goals you will be able to reach it with continuous practice. Remember? Practice makes a man perfect, well no man is perfect!!