Digital India, a program started by our Hon’ble prime minister, Narendra Modi. Finally, we see a result of it. With the help of Google and Railwire now over 400 railway station is connected with free wifi.

Under  Google Station initiative, Google in India with its partners;  RailTel, Indian Railways and Pune Smart City; is providing with free internet, not just for its commuters but everyone around it. Just add your number in Sign in portal, enter the OTP and boom you are now connected to free wifi.

Many people associate free with inferior quality and generally, you need to compromise on speed while using public wifi. But in this case you will be wrong, you get a mind-boggling speed of over 30mbps both up and down with pretty resonable latency.

Google wifi is currently available on over 400 stations in India and about 39 is to be added, However this can change pretty soon so here is the complete list of connected and upcoming stations.

How to connect to Railwire/Google Wifi?

  • Turn on the wifi and scan the available networks.
  • If you are in the range of a Railwire network, there will be a network named RaillWire Wi-Fi. Connect to it.
  • Then you will be navigated to a page where you will add your phone number and then enter the OTP. (The sign in page is encrypted so no other person would be able to see your number).
  • If the sign in page doesn’t appear, go to your browser and search any page and you will end up at sign in page.


This is one of the largest public WiFi project ever undertaken. Surely this is the biggest achievement of Digital India. Due to India now Google is

also connecting stations in Mexico and the project is just announced in Indonesia. Soon world will thank India for free fast internet on there Rail Stations, as the intiative Google station was announced when our prime minister met Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google in the headquarters of Google.

Click here to see the official blog post of Google India.

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